Canva: The Indispensable Design Tool for Every Blogger and Entrepreneur

As a blogger/entrepreneur, you know that original visuals are the key to inspiring others and setting yourself apart from the crowd.

But not everyone has the design skills required to create high-quality digital products.

That’s where Canva comes in – this user-friendly program makes it easy for everyone to create beautiful visuals at an affordable price.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what Canva is and how you can use it to create designs for your website and social media.

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What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform that helps bloggers and entrepreneurs create visually appealing content and marketing products without any design skills.

It is currently one of the most widely used tools for creating designs for blogs, social media, websites, print materials, email marketing, and more.

This tool is popular because the program is very user-friendly. Anyone can use it, and you can effortlessly create eye-catching designs without much effort.

This is in contrast to more complex programs like Photoshop.

How much does Canva cost?

Canva offers different pricing options, ranging from free to paid subscriptions. The free version provides basic features and access to thousands of templates and other designs.

The paid subscription, Canva Pro, offers additional features such as access to more templates, unlimited storage, and the ability to upload your brand colors and fonts.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available, with prices ranging from €11.99 per month to €13.99 per month.

There is also an Enterprise option available for teams and organizations, offering customized solutions and pricing.

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Canva Pro vs. Canva Free

As a beginner, you can get by just fine with a free subscription. There are plenty of free elements, stock photos, and templates that you can use as a free member.

Most people upgrade to Pro when they find themselves frequently needing to pay for the Pro elements or when they encounter other limitations of the free subscription.

For example, you can’t create a Brand Kit, which is handy when you regularly create designs for your blog or business.

Canva offers the option to try Pro for 30 days. Afterward, you can decide whether you want to continue with it or switch back to the free version.

Creating Canva designs in no time

Canva makes it easy to create visual content without wasting time learning complex design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Thanks to its handy drag-and-drop feature, you can easily place all the desired elements, add text, adjust colors to match your brand’s style, and voila! Your design is ready!

You can use this program on your laptop or through the app on your tablet or phone. Although I must admit that I don’t find the app convenient to use on my phone.

The must-have tool for every blogger and online entrepreneur

Canva is a must-have tool that helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs create professional designs for their articles.

Whether you’re creating and publishing designs for social media, infographics, Pinterest pins, or even designing your logo, Canva provides all the tools you need to get the job done.

You can create almost anything you need with this tool! I use it multiple times throughout my workday.

And the best part is, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it.

The program offers a wide range of templates, fonts, images, and design elements that you can dive right into and create a new design.

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AI-generated image of a home office using Canva

Exploring the Possibilities and Features of Canva

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, intuitive graphic design platform, then this handy tool is the answer. From its drag-and-drop interface to its extensive template library, the possibilities are truly endless.

But that’s not all – with features like custom fonts and branding options, it’s easier than ever to create a design that expresses your unique vision in a snap.

Moreover, users can export their work in various formats and resolutions for their desired purpose or project.

What else can you do with Canva?

  • Create your own brand styles;

  • Create a Brand Kit with the Color Tools and save it;
  • Create and convert presentations to PowerPoint files;
  • Create animations;
  • Develop posters, flyers, and print materials;
  • Icons; Banners;
  • Create educational materials for school, e.g., templates;
  • Design e-books;
  • Print or convert documents to PDF format;
  • Text to image with AI (new);
  • Canva Magic Write (new);
  • Upload and edit your own images.

Undoubtedly, this is an invaluable tool for anyone working in creative ways and looking to dive into professional design.

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Schedule Social Media Posts with the Content Planner

Another handy feature of Canva is the Content Planner, where you can schedule all your social media posts, either on your own or with your team.

I personally make good use of it for my Facebook group for Bloggers. When scheduling posts for a Group on Facebook, you can’t copy those posts if they recur regularly. But with Canva, you can.

In a Facebook group with multiple administrators, you can’t see who has scheduled which posts, while in Canva, you have a complete overview of the schedule. Of course, this applies if you are all subscribed to a Canva Teams plan.

Create Your Own Presentations

As a blogger or entrepreneur, creating compelling presentations is an important part of your marketing strategy. Canva is a powerful tool that can help you with that.

With Canva , you can choose from thousands of templates specifically designed for presentations, or you can create your own design using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

You can add images, charts, icons, and other visual elements to enrich your presentation.

Canva also offers many useful features, such as Magic Resize, which allows you to easily adjust the size of your presentation to fit different platforms and devices.

Whether you’re pitching to investors or presenting to your readers, Canva makes it easy to make your message visually appealing and capture your audience’s attention.

A Wide Range of Design Options

Canva offers various design options to assist users in creating visually appealing designs. Some of the key design options available include:

  1. Templates:
    Ready-made templates that you can customize to your liking for different types of designs, such as social media graphics, flyers, presentations, invitations, business cards, and more.
  2. Backgrounds:
    Various backgrounds to use in your designs, including solid colors, textures, patterns, and photos. You can also upload your own image as a background.
  3. Text:
    Fonts, text styles, and text options to customize the text in your design. It’s also possible to upload your own fonts.
  4. Images and Illustrations:
    Images and illustrations that users can use in their designs. You can also upload your own photos.
  5. Elements:
    Offers a wide range of elements such as shapes, lines, icons, and stickers that can be used to further customize and personalize the design.
  6. Uploads:
    The ability to upload your own images, photos, and other files to use in your design.
  7. Tools and functions:
    Crop images, apply filters, adjust image transparency, and more.

Tips for Bloggers to Get the Most out of Canva

  • Create a Brand Kit: You can save your brand colors and fonts in a Brand Kit, so they’re readily available in all your Canva designs (Canva Pro feature).

  • Utilize the color tools to create a color palette that you can use across all your designs.
  • Create templates for all your social media posts and create a set of around 10 templates for creating Pinterest pins. You can download my free Pinterest templates here to get started.

In Conclusion

With Canva, you can create designs that rival those of a professional without putting in much effort.

You can quickly and easily create stunning graphics, illustrations, and presentations to effectively convey your message.

With so many possibilities at your fingertips, incorporating this tool into your workflow will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your overall blogging success.