Pinterest Marketing Strategies that are hurting your Growth!

Pinterest is my favorite platform to use for getting blog views! Most of my readers come from Pinterest. But despite that, it is a hard platform to get views from in the beginning. Especially if you aren’t using the correct Pinterest marketing strategies.

Over the years of marketing on Pinterest, I have learned what does and doesn’t work on the platform, and if you are still using some of these Pinterest marketing strategies, they could be hurting your growth!

1. Pinning to group boards

Pinning to group boards used to be a good strategy to getting your pins seen.

Bloggers would make a group board, invite tons of other people and the rules were usually all the same. You were allowed to pin a certain amount of your content a day to the board as long as you made sure to re-pin a certain amount of pins from other people.

The problem is, Pinterest didn’t intend for group boards to be used this way. The intention was for it to be for average pinners to collaborate on a group project, a wedding, or something like that.

So now, once Pinterest saw that group boards were being used this way, they’ve changed them. Group boards are now being seen as spammy, and you’re hurting your account growth by using this old Pinterest marketing strategy.

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2. Re-pinning content onto Pinterest

On top of that, repinning content is also an old strategy that no longer works, which is just another reason group boards are no longer useful.

What used to work, is you could pin 10-15 times a day. And it would be a mix of your pins, and re-pins of others’ content. This Pinterest marketing strategy just isn’t helpful, and honestly, it never has been.

Pinning others’ content will not help you drive traffic to your blog, so it is just a waste of time to begin with.

This also goes for re-pinning your own content as well. You used to be able to create a pin, and re-pin it to all of the relevant boards.

However, Pinterest has come out and said that repins of your content are not as prioritized as much as if you’d just make a fresh pin. This is why I only pin all of my pins once, and then delete them. I don’t repin them to any other boards.

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3. Using Tailwind to pin

Using Tailwind to pin your content is another outdated strategy that is hurting your Pinterest growth. Not only is it hurting you because re-pinning is no longer as useful, but also because of Tailwind Communities, and the smart loop feature they have.

Joining a Tailwind Community is basically like joining a group board. I’ve personally never found them useful to begin with. But now that group boards are considered spammy, and re-pinning isn’t helpful, these are even more useless than they were before.

The Tailwind smart loop feature was another thing that I never really used because the point of it never made sense to me. Basically, you could put pins in the “smart loop” and Tailwind would re-pin those pins in a certain timeframe.

The way Tailwind explains it is if you wanted to push out holiday pins each year, you could set the “Smart loop” to re-pin those holiday pins every year during the season. But, since re-pinning is a Pinterest strategy that is hurting your growth, you can see why this is useless!

You’re better off just using manual pinning for your account, which I talk about my manual pinning strategy in this video here!

4. Getting your pins ranked in search

Getting your pins to be ranked in search, especially for a long time, is something that is getting harder to do on Pinterest. This used to be a viable strategy, and it still is in a sense, but Pinterest is making it harder to do.

You used to be able to find tons of keywords to use for your account. When you typed in a search term, Pinterest would give you these little bubbles at the top with a ton of other search terms in them. They have since taken this away sadly, so we have a lot less information on what people are searching for.

I noticed that pins also don’t rank for as long as they used to, and this is likely because Pinterest is trying to push out fresh content. Which makes sense, in a way. If you look up the search term “Yoga poses for beginners” more than once in a few months’ time, and all you see is the same pins, again and again, that will get pretty boring!

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Pins not ranking for very long doesn’t exactly have to be a bad thing either. This means that your pins could have a better chance at ranking since they are switching out the ranking pins so often.

It gives more pins a chance to be at the top as opposed to having the same 10 pins showing every time you search one term!

If you are using any of these old Pinterest strategies, I highly recommend that you stop doing them because they are hurting your growth! It’s important to always be on the lookout for new changes coming to the platform in order to keep growing your Pinterest account!


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  1. I’ll be honest, I’ve not actively used Pinterest in months, it was becoming so time consuming with very little results. I was doing it all manually and following conflicting guidance. It’s my goal to get it back this year

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