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12 reasons why your business needs a presence on Pinterest

Most people in the Netherlands and Belgium know Pinterest as a social network. It is seen as a social media platform that is used to get and share ideas. You can get inspiration for your interior, DIY ideas and recipes. In addition, many visitors come to shop!

However, many business owners don’t know that Pinterest is a powerful platform for promoting your business, as well. If your business isn’t on Pinterest, yet, you should definitely consider it. It’s a great way to connect with potential customers.

And as a Pinterest manager with more than 3 years of experience, I know how much Pinterest can mean for the growth of businesses. It’s really a missed opportunity if you let this platform go unused.

In this article, I will share 12 compelling reasons to start building a presence for your business on Pinterest this year!

1. Pinterest is a visual platform

So, what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is basically the visual version of Google. And the better version of Google Images. A lot of people think it’s a social media platform, but really it’s a visual search engine. This makes Pinterest the ideal place to showcase your products to potential buyers.

When you search on Google, you have to click through to a website before you can see an image of the product. However, on Pinterest, you can see the product in the search results right away.

If you sell physical products that you have a lot of photos and videos of, then Pinterest is the perfect platform for your business.

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2. Targeted search

As I mentioned in point 1, Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social media platform. This difference is also a advantage for businesses. On Instagram and Facebook, you have to warm people up with repeated content before they make a purchase. This is because people who are present there are often not shopping. They are often on social media out of boredom and consume the content that is presented to them on their feed.

The chances that someone will be interested in your exact offer at the same time you publish a new post are slim.

People who enter a search query on Pinterest are very specific about what they need at that moment. Some people are looking for information, while others already know they want to buy a product. This makes Pinterest a powerful tool for marketers.

Whatever the case may be, they’re looking for an answer or solution. That makes the traffic that comes to your website from Pinterest more valuable and relevant.

3. Connect your online store

If you own a Shopify or WooCommerce website, for example, you can integrate it with Pinterest to get a Shopping tab on your account where all of your products are displayed.

If you don’t want to link your website, you can also just create Product Pins. This will make it clear to viewers that the product is available for purchase. You can do this by publishing a new Pin and by selecting the shopping bag on the pin to link a product to it.

Pinterest is a great platform for driving sales because people log in with the intention to buy. It’s like an online shopping mall where you can find anything you need.

If you can get your pins to appear at the top of Pinterest’s search results, you’ll see a surge in sales!

4. Pinterest has 445 million monthly users

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub website, Pinterest has 445 million monthly users and is the 4th most popular social media platform in the United States. And of those, 80 million are active daily on the site.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition, this is platform is one you can’t afford to miss in 2023. With its high number of users and their readiness to make a purchase, it’s the perfect place to reach your target audience.

It’s also worth noting that according to Hootsuite, 95% of pinners say they go to Pinterest for inspiration when they start a new project. The platform is also being used more and more by men, and 75% of weekly users say they’re always shopping on Pinterest!

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Pinterest inzetten voor je bedrijf

5. Pinterest users have a lot of purchasing power.

One of the benefits of Pinterest for businesses is that Pinterest users tend to have a high purchasing power. People who come to the site are ready to shop and also have the means to make purchases.

There are tons of opportunities on Pinterest for businesses in the following niches:

  • Art
  • Entertainment
  • Home Decor
  • Design
  • DIY and Crafting
  • Education
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Food and Recipes
  • Event Planning
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Parenting
  • Wedding
  • Animals & Pets
  • Gardening
  • Architecture
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Kid’s Fashion
  • Vehicles
  • Finances

If you fall into one of these categories, you can be sure that there are a lot of Pinterest users searching for topics related to your niche.

Pinterest can be a great platform for promoting your business, even if your niche isn’t represented there.

If you want to check whether there’s demand for the products you sell on Pinterest, login and search for pins related to your product. If there are a lot of results, that means people are searching for that topic on Pinterest, as well!

6. Visible online on the long term

The great thing about Pinterest is that your content doesn’t disappear. If you post popular pins on the platform, there’s a chance they’ll circulate for years and stay high in the search results. Just like in Google’s search results, for example.

If you’re sick of your social media posts disappearing into the ether, never to be seen again, then Pinterest is the platform for you. Unlike other social media sites, your content will stay visible for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly posting new content or losing followers if you go a week without posting.

You’ve gotta invest some time and effort into Pinterest before you start seeing results, but that’s true for anything worth doing. Just remember, good things take time!

7. Several ways to reach your target audience

If you want to attract your target audience to your business, Pinterest is a great platform to use. You can work to be found for every keyword related to your business. This will help you reach more people who are interested in what you have to offer.

When you’re in a niche like “home decoration,” your pins can eventually be found under searches like “interior ideas,” “decorating ideas,” “industrial design,” “rustic design,” and so many more. You can also be found based on the boards people follow on Pinterest. This means that you can make your business as discoverable as possible on Pinterest by targeting a wide range of keywords.

This way you can reach your different target audiences within your niche.

8. Less competition

We’re all familiar with Instagram and Facebook, but it’s not as useful for your business as it used to be. For many business owners, Pinterest is still a fairly new platform, and most entrepreneurs aren’t on it at all, or are barely active.

That also means you don’t have to compete as hard compared to other platforms, and it also means that advertising is still relatively inexpensive.

9. Many people read blogs they find on Pinterest

If you want to make your website more visible on Google, one of the best things you can do is start blogging. If you already have a bunch of blogs written for Google, you can repurpose them for Pinterest, too. By pinning your blogs to Pinterest, you’ll give your website a major visibility boost.

Many Pinterest users are looking for information. And you can provide that information in your blog posts. Once the necessary information is found on your website, the next step to making a purchase is quick and easy!

10. Affiliate links

If you’re an affiliate partner for certain companies and you already have links to them on your website, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to post those same links as direct links on Pinterest. That’s a big additional benefit for websites that do affiliate marketing alongside selling their own products and services.

If you’re not already doing affiliate marketing, you should definitely consider it for your business. It’s basically becoming a partner of a program or affiliate network. You get affiliate links that you can put in your web content to promo a company’s product. And then whenever someone makes a purchase after clicking on your link, you earn a commission off the sale.

Before you start posting affiliate links on Pinterest, double check to see if that’s allowed on Pinterest. Some affiliate partners don’t allow direct links.

Check out my detailed explanation of affiliate marketing and the best affiliate networks you can join.

11. The emphasis on your company

Instagram is the perfect platform for networking and making genuine connections. Your followers can also get to know the face behind the business, and it’s easy to have conversations with each other.

Pinterest is a different kind of platform, and it’s less focused on social interaction. You don’t need to be active every day, and you can be successful without sharing a lot about yourself and your business. Of course, you can still share videos and other content where you’re visible on Pinterest, too. But you don’t need to do that every day to be seen by your audience.

Because the nice thing about Pinterest is that the same video can keep going around for a longer time, and your stats won’t suddenly drop if you’re not present every day.

You can schedule all of your content on Pinterest in one day or two weeks using the scheduler, and then it will run automatically. It does help for your engagement if you are present every now and then, but it is much less important than on Instagram.

12. Most searches on Pinterest are unbranded

This means that people hardly ever search for terms like ‘Nike shoes’ or ‘H&M children’s clothing’. Instead, they search for ‘children’s clothing’ or ‘sneakers’. This is because people who use Pinterest are open to discovering new brands. They’re not looking for a specific brand, but for a product or service that meets their needs, regardless of the brand.

That’s great news for all the small businesses out there that are competing against the big guys in their niche!

Final Thoughts

You’re missing out if you’re not on Pinterest yet. Yes, it takes some time and effort to get started, but it’s worth it in the long run. So if you’ve got a vision for your business, don’t wait any longer. Get on Pinterest and start making things happen!

Does your company already have a presence on Pinterest? Let me know in the comments!

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