16x original piggy banks for adults that make saving fun again

For many adults, saving still has a rather dull image. On top of that, it is not at all that appealing anymore to save your extra pennies in a bank. Many young people, therefore, choose to invest their money in stocks and shares or they start investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, it is still wise to save some of your money the old-fashioned way; in a piggybank. In order to make the traditional way of saving a bit more appealing to you, I collected the coolest and most unique piggy banks for you in one blog. Which one is your favorite?

1. Decorative Shadow Box Wooden Frame

This lovely piggy bank will help you remember every day you’re working to make your dreams happen, for real! As you save more money, you can literally see your dreams getting closer within your reach! No better reminder to save up for that trip you’re planning to go on for ages.

2. Transparant Money Bank

The perfect piggy bank for anyone with poor control to save money, but really wants to make a money-saving plan that works this time. It’s not just a nice money-saving bank, it’s a nice fit for your home decor as well.

3. 365 day saving plan

This is not just your regular piggy bank for adults, it comes with a saving plan as well. Put money in it every day and mark each day that has passed! You’ll be surprised how much you’ve saved when the year’s over!

4. Adventure Fund Piggy Bank

Creative and decorative piggy banks like these make me want to save all the money I have! 😉 It’s so motivational to save your money for one of your future adventures like this! Also great as a wedding gift for couples or as a birthday gift!

5. Owl Shaped Coin Bank

Isn’t this the cutest ‘Piggy Bank’ you’ve ever seen in your life? I know there are many owl-lovers out there who are dying to save their extra pennies in this extra cute owl bank. Wouldn’t you spend your last dollar on him? I know I would!

6. Decorative Shadow Box Wooden Frame

This adorable, piglet looking piggy bank made of stainless steel and wood is a great money bank for anyone who’s looking to save money in a more fashionable way. A great accessoire and eye-catcher that suits almost every home decor.

7. Handmade Concrete Piggy Bank

I just love the minimalistic design of this adorable piggy bank. A great gift for any adult’s birthday who loves a unique design and is looking for a way to save for some future goals as well!

8. Pineapple Piggy Bank

Who says a piggy bank needs to look like a piggy? You can save your extra coins in this gorgeous pineapple as well. Love the white design and fits in almost every house. Plus, no one will know it’s a piggy bank!

9. Wooden Reindeer Piggy Bank

This has to be the most beautiful, cutest piggy bank in the world! Love the design! Great for adults as well as for kids, and a really unique way to start saving those pennies.

10. Dog Piggy Bank

Nope, not done with the animal-shaped piggy banks, yet! This doggy bank is great for dog lovers who would like to save their money in one of their most loyal friends.

11. Woodland Acorn Piggy Bank

Talking about original piggy bank designs; this acorn shaped piggy bank is great to use as a stylish piece of your home decoration and to keep your money stored safely at the same time.

12. Pineapple Piggy Bank with Gold

If you loved the white pineapple piggy bank you might also love these 2 pineapple banks. <3 A slightly different design with white/gold.

13. Solid Wood Piggy Bank

This solid wooden piggy bank can be opened with a key, so don’t lose it. 😉 Love the simple, minimalistic design. Great to serve as a coin bank for an adult who wants to have a more sophisticated look.

14. Elephant Piggy Bank

Instead of a piggy bank you can also opt for an elephant bank. Gorgeous design, made of resin and handpainted.

15. Cactus Piggy Bank

This golden cactus design is a great fit for most home interior designs or to decorate your home office with. And you can save for a rainy day at the same time as well!

16. So Worth It Piggy Bank

Yes, this coin bank is more than worth it! Because it reminds you every day that whatever it is you’re saving for is going to be worth it. A great motivator to put a little extra money on the side and reach that financial goal a bit faster.

Final Thoughts

All these ‘piggy banks for adults’ really make me want to buy all of them and start saving my money like crazy. 😉 I hope I’ve been able to start saving your money for a rainy day, for a future adventure, dream holiday or another financial goal as well and that you now realize that saving money can actually be fun.

Happy saving!

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