21 Inspiring blogs to follow in 2021

The best & most popular blogs to follow in 2022

An inspirational guide for blog readers and bloggers!

Do you love reading blogs and are you looking for new awesome, inspirational, and the most popular & best blogs to follow in 2022? Or are you a blogger that wants to learn from and get inspired by other great bloggers? Then this post is for you!

In this post you find the best blogs to follow in 2022 divided by niche. Since my own blog is about blogging and business tips, I obviously mostly follow blog- and business bloggers as well. This is why most of the blogs you find in this post, are about this topic as well.

However, don’t run away just yet! You’ll also find awesome lifestyle, personal, travel, food & nature blogs!

Some of these best blogs of 2022 have been around for quite some time and already have a large following, while others are still relatively new, but are working really hard to conquer their place on the internet too.

But… each and every blog I mentioned in this post is worthy of being mentioned on this list of most inspiring & interesting blogs, and should be on everyone’s to-follow list for 2022!

I know how difficult the blogging business is, and the effort it takes to make it on the internet. And although this is a very competitive business, I believe bloggers should help and support each other when we can.

I believe your success is determined by what you do for others, and not so much by what you do for yourself. This is why I came to the idea to put all these amazing, hardworking & inspiring bloggers and their blogs in the limelight today.

Have fun reading this post about the best and most popular blogs to follow in 2022, and hopefully, my favorite blogs will be yours too after reading this post!



PS. Do you want to start blogging, too? Start with my blogging guide for beginners. I’ll take you through the process of starting your very own blog in 9 simple steps! And if you already have a blog and struggling with creating content that converts, please read my post about writing blog posts that convert like crazy!

Blogging & Business Blogs

Blog and get paid

Nadim, the creator of Blog & Get Paid is a part-time blogger and works full-time within the IT Consulting field. He has a passion to transfer his knowledge and adding value to his readers.

Nadim: “With the current economy and coronavirus situations, many people have flocked to online opportunities, with little or no knowledge of how to operate”.

His blog Blog & Get Paid, takes the reader through this online journey. It offers tutorials and tips on how to create a blog, how to grow it, and eventually monetize it. It also provides content to keep the reader positive and to persevere on their road to success.

Also, follow Blog & Get Paid on Twitter and LinkedIn

Boss Girl Bloggers & EllDuclos

Ell (Lauren) has been blogging since 2017 and she shares her thoughts on her 2 blogs, EllDuclos & Boss Girl Bloggers. Very ambitious, I’m already struggling to manage 1 blog! Wow!

Today her blogs are popular by many and with Boss Girl Bloggers she has built an amazing community for women who want to learn how to grow their blogs and online businesses. And it is being said her course Pinterest with Ell is the best Pinterest course out there.

You can visit both blogs for blogging & Pinterest tips, and for lifestyle tips, you can visit and follow her EllDuclos blog!

You can also find Lauren on Pinterest and Twitter

Online Business Growth Hacks

Louise, the creator of Online Business Growth Hacks, is an entrepreneur and an ex tech marketing leader with a passion for people and processes. She now helps other small business owners and bloggers achieve their dreams both online and in life.

On her blog, you can find tips about blogging & entrepreneurship, and also about wellbeing and mindset. Most blogs only focus on either mindset, or on business tips, but I believe a successful business can not exist if it wasn’t for the positive mindset of the owner. That’s what makes her blog unique to me!

If you’re looking for great business and mindset tips Online Business Growth Hacks is definitely a blog to follow for you!

You can also find Online Business Growth Hacks on Instagram and Twitter

Panda Making Money

Lomash, the creator of Panda Making Money, created this blog nearly a year ago to spread knowledge about digital marketing and building an online business. Topics that he covers making money online, blogging- and social media marketing tips.

So far it has been a great journey for Lomash. He wrote his first interview, monetized his blog, made his first affiliate commission (Congrats!) and met some great people in the blogging community!

He believes consistency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to building a successful blog, and he knows how hard and challenging it is for a blogger to maintain consistency. You have to stay motivated along the way, and at the same time don’t get yourself overwhelmed with blogging.

You can follow Panda Making Money on Pinterest and Twitter

Rach Talks Business

Rachel is the face behind Rach Talks Business, a platform she created during the first lockdown to support small businesses through these uncertain times. She is passionate about helping others and incredibly proud how her little blog grew!

She has received so many messages from small businesses thanking her for her support and she is proud to have created something that benefited those who struggled the most.

If you have a small business and could use business and blogging tips, Rach Talks Business is a blog you should definitely follow!

Follow Rach Talks Business also on Twitter and Instagram


I’ve been following this blog since I first started blogging. Angela and her blog StrayCurls have been a great source of inspiration for me. And not only because of her great, informative blog posts, but Angela designs all her illustrations herself! Yes, she creates all those awesome graphics herself! Wow!

If only I had it in me to create graphics like hers, but my drawings are comparable to those of a 3-year-old (or even worse). 😉 So, I just choose to enjoy Angela’s graphics instead.

StrayCurls is a blog for women who want to start a blog, who already have a blog and want to monetize it and for the advanced blogger who wants to grow her blog traffic.

You can also follow StrayCurls on Pinterest and Instagram


TechnoVans is created by Vanesh, who is a Software Engineer by profession and is blogging on the side as a hobby. Which is amazing, because blogging is very time-consuming. Yet, you can find lots of great content here!

If you’re looking for startup stories, blogger stories, blogging tips, and business growth tips, this is a blog you should follow!

I always love to read inspiring personal business stories, and on TechnoVans you find many interviews with bloggers and people who work in technology.

You can also find TechnoVans on Twitter and Facebook

The Country Executive

The creator of The Country Executive, Shane, is born and raised in rural Texas. He joined the Air Force and left for 20 years to grow his career. He got experience, educated, and succeeded in LA, DC, the Bay Area.

Back home in Texas in 2018, he met many people that thought like he used to, he could never do XYZ. He was raised similarly but learned through experience anything is possible if you apply yourself. Now he wants to share those lessons learned, inspire people that more is possible, and to be the best version of themselves.

That’s why he started his blog in April 2020, and never looked back!

Follow The Country Executive also on Facebook and LinkedIn or read his Meet the Blogger interview here

Tia Says

Tia Says is a blog created by Ekta Swarnkar and she blogs about blogging and money-making tips. Next to blogging, she is currently studying to become a librarian, which she will be finishing in a year!

As a real bookworm, she loves books and wanted to pursue her passion for books, which is why her first blog was a book blog. She quickly discovered she also loves to write herself and the real power of blogging. She learned the basics of blogging while creating her book blog, and realized she wanted to help other creative minds to give their passion a spark, as well.

Ekta decided to start a second blog for this cause, and voila, Tia Says was born. A platform where she shares her best blogging tips to help beginning bloggers!

You can also follow Ekta on Twitter and Pinterest

Lifestyle Blogs

Life with Rachael

Life with Rachael is created by 30-year old blogger Rachael, from the UK. Her blog is all about positivity, self-love, and well-being.

This blog is for you if you’re looking for budget-friendly lifestyle recommendations, life hacks, the best products for fab prices, or if you’re interested in topics like mental & physical health, self-care, new places to discover, traveling, fashion, fitness, and more!

I think that most of us can in some way relate with Rachael and her blogs, and her kindness and positive vibe are contagious!

Follow Life with Rachael also on Twitter and Instagram

Madeline Wilson-Ojo

Madelinewilsonojo.com started out life as a ‘book & communications blog’. According to Madeline it spawned from a place of frustration; whilst applying for and experiencing many job applications. She decided to carve out her own space in the career path she wanted.

She started this blog in 2016, so she could speak freely about her love for books as well as provide an educational platform for people who fit her demographic (young, black, and from a particularly affluent background) who’d like to break stereotypes by asserting themselves professionally in the workplace without intmidation.

Since then the blog has expanded to include more exciting material, and now it’s the place she lovingly refers to as the place where we amplify the voice of the strong black lead, through book reviews, film reviews, and real-life interviews!

Follow Madeline Wilson-Ojo also on Twitter and Instagram

CJ Hall

CJ Hall‘s author, Kathryn, has been a blogger since 2007, and now she has a blog page on her website where she likes to publish short(ish) posts about her travels, her family, her personal life, and her thoughts.

She blogs because she finds it therapeutic to write creatively and as an author she feels it’s important to write each day, even if it’s just a sentence or two. It also helps her to combat the frequent writer’s block episodes we all know all too well when she expresses herself in her blogs.

You can follow CJ Hall also on Twitter or Instagram

Nature & Travel Blogs


AZ Nature In Focus is a blog that Connie started to share her enthusiasm about traveling and nature with the world. Her blog is very positive and currently focused on nature and trips close to her home in Arizona.

As more places are open again, she is free to travel more again, so there will be more beautiful places to share about in future blog posts!

Keep on eye on this blog if you’re interested in the beauty of nature and if you love travelling!

You can also follow AZ Nature In Focus on Twitter and Pinterest

Famously Frayling

Alyssa is the creator of Famously Frayling, a blog she started in April this year while being quarantined. She is an American girl married to an English man whom she met when they were both traveling. On their first date, they went on a two-week road trip together. Which sparked the idea for a blog.

She started a free site as she didn’t have the means to upgrade. She recently upgraded her site and became very focused on making her full-time blogger dreams a reality. Today she owns a travel blogging site that focuses on luxury and family travel.

This blog is proof that quarantine doesn’t only bring forth negative things, amazing ideas spark during quarantine as well. If you love traveling, this blog is for you!


Scott and Cecilia of Lovicarious are an adorable travel couple encouraging others to explore the world through a lens of childlike curiosity and enthusiasm.

Together with their adventure pup Huckleberry, they discover hidden gems, thrilling travel experiences, and unique accommodations including treehouses and yurts. Their guides and stories will inspire you toward your next adventure whether across the ocean or in your own backyard.

You can also find Lovicarious on Instagram and Twitter


TIAWOT (There is a world out there) is owned by couple Maya and Anthony. They’re born and raised in the Netherlands but decided to break the pattern of life and to pursue their dream; move to the other side of the world, to Bali, Indonesia.

On their website, they share their world with you. On TIAWOT you can find everything about traveling, food, and life experiences. all about their food and life experiences.

Are you interested in traveling, or do you also want to pursue your dreams? Take a look at Maya and Anthony’s blog, and get inspired!

Follow TIAWOT on Instagram and Facebook

(Personal) stories& Poetry

Danika’s Memory Box

Danika, the author of Danika’s Memory Box, is still new to the blogging world and her blog doesn’t tend to follow any kind of traditional blogging format. However, for what she lacks in that sense of familiarity, she makes up for in passion.

Her blog is a place where she shares stories from her life and what she’s learned from the experiences. And it’s where she shares her ponders about how she believes we can all make our lives more fulfilling and true.

Her aim is to inspire others to fight to be the versions of themselves that they can love the most & be the most proud of. She aims to offer thought-provoking readings that will send her readers through a spiral of thoughts they may not have considered before.

Follow Danika’s Memory Box on Instagram and Twitter

James Ballard’s Poisoned Jungle

James Ballard’s Poisoned Jungle blog explores the themes from his Vietnam War novel, Poisoned Jungle, and attempts to put them into an accessible perspective fifty years later.

Psychologically speaking, the triad of PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and moral injury are explored from the perspective of the author, who has experience the subject matter discussed.

The blog attempts to shed light on many relevant topics about the war all these years later. The blog adds to the conversation that will continue to be a topic of interest for those still wanting to understand the ramifications of the Vietnam War.

You can also follow James Ballard on Facebook.

Living Through Writing

Living Through Writing is created by Holly, a 27-year-old author/blogger who recently made the switch to full-time writing – which she says is “scary, but fun!”

Her blog focuses on writing tips, and serves as a platform for other authors through her author interviews, and story times – which are two stories that she posts new installments of weekly.

Her blogging journey has been a long and slow one (something many bloggers will be able to identify with, including myself), but she is powering on and trying to grow her following one day at a time!

Pay Holly’s blog a visit and follow her on Instagram and Twitter

The blog of a 20-something year old

Last, but definitely NOT least: meet Lisa, the amazing creator of The blog of a 20-something year old. She is from the UK, works a full-time job in a finance role in London, is blogging on the side, and loves to live to the fullest on the weekends. She is very new to blogging but has always loved writing, and plans for all of us to hear a lot more from her and about her as she progresses with her blog.

She blogs about love & life, and if you’re going through difficult times, you can read what Agony Sis advises, or ask her a life question yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger your problems than people you know, and with Agony Sis she gives unbiased advice to the people who need it.

You can also find The blog of a 20-something year old on Twitter and Instagram

More bloggers to follow

Can’t get enough of all these inspiring blogs? I’ve got great news for you! I recently started a Meet the Blogger category where I interview my favorite bloggers.

Read all the interviews here!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this post about the most popular and best blogs to follow in 2022 just as much as I enjoy reading them. I’m really amazed there are so many great blogs out there, created by bloggers who’re just as passionate about blogging as I am! And it was great connecting with all of you for this post!

Please leave a comment to tell me which ones are your favorite and help to spread the word by sharing it on your socials! Sharing is caring <3




  • Angie is a blogger and creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands who is currently residing as a digital nomad in Serbia together with her husband and 2-year old daughter Ana Milena. She is the creator of She Can Blog and works as a Pinterest manager for several Dutch companies.

22 thoughts on “The best & most popular blogs to follow in 2022”

  1. Hey Angie – awesome post. It’s so great that you could reach out to other bloggers to showcase their work. It’s not often that you find selfless people that promote others like this. What I found very interesting was the variety of blog niches you have tapped into. While I blog about the blogging journey, I never stop reading blogs from other niches. We always learn and pick up from other bloggers, no matter what the niche. There’s so much about blogging that we can always improve.
    I don’t think it’s fair for me to comment yet as to what my favorite blog is, as I would like to spend time reading some of them. So, I may come back and comment again 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    1. Hi Nadim, you’re more than welcome! I always get more joy out of doing something for others than when I do something for myself, I connected personally with all the bloggers in this list, and it was the best blog post I’ve written so far. And I agree, as a blogger we should always read other blogs, to learn and to get inspired. I learned so much from all of you! And please, come back to let us know which blog is your favorite! 🙂 Thank you for working and connecting with me. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Angie! I will have to look into some of these! It is always nice to look at new content and see what other people are writing about!


    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment here! I hope you found a few new blogs to follow. 🙂 Your blog is great as well by the way!

    1. Thank you Mihaela! I know your blog, and I’d be honored to feature your blog in the same blog post next year. Your blog is amazing! X

  3. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting and inspirational guide for bloggers and blog readers. I absolutely love this post and also appreciate your efforts for promoting other blogs. Its really important for bloggers to read others blog which will help them to improve their blogging as well as learn new things.

    I am very thankful to you for sharing such a nice varieties of blog. I am surely going to read some of them as it will definitely improve anyone’s blogging skills.

    Keep up the good work !


    1. Thank you so much Ruhee, happy to hear you’ve enjoyed reading it and found some interesting blogs for you to read and learn from as well! Angie

  4. Hi Anjie,
    Thanks for suggestions Angie, the great post, It is very well written. I love what you have got to say. I would like to know Do careers in blogging have a future? Is blogging a good career Anjie.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post. And yes, I believe blogging can be a good career choice, but you must be willing to invest a lot of your time and patience in it. It’s a long-term investment that won’t pay off immediately. Regards, Angie

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