9x the best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Lately, I have noticed that many bloggers find it difficult to attract more visitors to their blogs. Because honestly, getting organic traffic from Google is not easy. It simply takes time and besides, gaining traffic through Instagram is not what it used to be when it comes to promoting our blogs.

I have also noticed that many bloggers are eager to engage in collaborations with other bloggers, but have absolutely no idea how to find opportunities for interesting collaborations.

The solution: Facebook Group for bloggers

I recommend every beginning and advanced blogger join Facebook groups created specifically by and for bloggers. In these groups, you can look for collaborations, link exchanges, and opportunities to promote your blogs extra, and in most groups, there is also space to ask your questions about blogging.

As a member of these groups, you will find all kinds of opportunities that will help your blog grow, and if you follow the threads a bit, you will also learn an awful lot from them. They are sharing brimming amounts of free information there that you will normally only find in paid courses.

What are the benefits of joining Facebook groups for bloggers?

Facebook groups offer an extensive source of knowledge and inspiration and can help you take your blog to the next level. By joining Facebook groups for bloggers, you gain access to a community of like-minded people who can help you continue to grow your blog. Ideal!

The best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Below a selection of the best, quality Blogger groups that I am also a member of and highly recommend to other bloggers as well:


Linkbuilding for Newbie Bloggers

A group with more than 1k members where beginning bloggers can swap links and participate in roundup posts. Very useful for bloggers who still have a low domain authority and are looking for ways to increase it.

Bloggers Sharing Links for Roundups

In this Facebook group with 3.7k members, you can post requests asking for input for roundup posts you are going to publish yourself or participate in other peoples’ roundup posts. Certainly bloggers in the DIY and recipe categories should definitely be a member of this group

Blogger Roundups

In this group with over 3.6k members, you can also participate in roundup posts from other bloggers. When you provide input for a roundup post you (usually) get a do follow backlink in return!

Blogging promotion & help

Becoming a Blogger

With over 36k members, this is one of the most popular Facebook groups for bloggers out there. Cate Rosales of Sweet and Simple Life is the creator of this awesome group where you can look for new collaborations and promote your blogs and socials.

Blogging Babes Collective

This group with 6.2k members is run by Sasha Lassey of the blog Everyday She’s Sparkling. In this group, too, you are allowed to self-promote on certain days, among other things, and you can participate in comment threads with other bloggers in the group.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

This is a group that was incredibly helpful to me in the early days of my blog. In this group with over 40k members by Jasmine Watts, who you may know from Miss Millennia Magazine, there is room on given days to share your blog posts and socials, to ask questions, and gain new knowledge.

Blogging for New Bloggers with Lucrezia and Marina

A similar Facebook group, which I have also benefited tremendously from is Lucrezia’s and Marina’s group. This group with 36k+ members offers in blog comment threads, and social media threads and you can ask all your questions there about blogging.

Blogging Newbs

Are you looking for feedback on one of your blog posts? Or do you have an important blogging question you’d like to ask to a community of professionals? Join McKinzie Bean’s (27k+ members)! In addition, there is also space in this group to engage in self-promotion and find collaborations.

Pinterest Pals

As a blogger, you cannot survive without Pinterest. That’s why I also added a few groups to the list that focus specifically on Pinterest, like this group by Amber from Thrifty Guardian. Join this group if you want to learn everything about the latest Pinterest strategies and for all your Pinterest-related questions.

How to get the most out of these Facebook group for bloggers?

  • Share your latest posts only in the threads intended for that purpose so that your blogs are seen more often. Especially if you are still in the phase where you are not getting much organic traffic yet, this can give an extra boost to your visitor numbers.
  • Turn on notifications for the groups in which people are regularly asking for new collaborations, so you don’t miss out on these requests that may help your blog grow.
  • Be a good participant and help other bloggers grow as well. In addition, you will see that when you are willing to do something for someone else, next time they will also be willing to pay attention to your posts. This way, you will also build connections with bloggers that you can always rely on.
  • Create a schedule of all your FB groups to keep track of the days you’re allowed to share your blog posts and the posts you’ve already shared in each group. This will prevent you from duplicating the same post and at the same time ensure that you make optimal use of all groups.
  • Avoid spammy behavior and check per group how often you are allowed to share new posts. It is often not desirable to post multiple blog posts per day and in some groups – like my own – even only once a week.
  • Adhere to the rules of the group and remain friendly. Give feedback when bloggers ask for it, but do so in a constructive way. I’ve seen so many bloggers in such groups get bashed for really small things. You can let people know in a friendly way that you think a blog could be better or needs some adjustments.

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Final Thoughts

Facebook groups are a great way to expand your network as a (beginning) blogger. You gain access to a new audience and you can exchange views with other bloggers on relevant topics. You can also profile yourself in such a group as an expert in your field and get inspiration for future blog posts.

Have fun!

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