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37x gifts for people who work from home

What to get the person who works from home?

Now that so many people have started working from home, we all have at least one person in our direct environment who has changed her office for a home office. Or perhaps you yourself are someone who is working from the comfort of your own home.

But what if you need to buy a work-from-home gift for her or a work from gift for moms, and you want to give a really thoughtful gift? Or what should you get your remote employees for Christmas or for a birthday?

After three years of working from my own home, I have a pretty good idea of what could be nice work-from-home gifts for her. So, if you’re looking for a gift for your favorite home-based professional, freelancer, or self-employed person, this gift guide has you covered!

What is the perfect gift for people who work from home?

People who work from home have slightly different needs than people who work in an office setting or any other working environment. Often they are (small) entrepreneurs who promote their businesses online. They’re are often spending a lot of time on their visibility online and they’re spending many hours of the day talking to clients and colleagues on Zoom or Teams. When your home is used as your office as well, your home office needs to feel homely and personal, too.

Other work from home gift ideas:

  • A nice coffee corner
  • A comfy pneumatic standing desk and office chair that are ergonomically designed and adjusted
  • Things to keep your work place tidy and clean
  • Gadgets to improve your online visibility
  • And a few things to feel zen during a stressful working day
  • Home office goodies

In this post, I’ve listed the best 37 gifts for people who work from home that cover all these needs, and more!

With this post about the best work from home gifts for him/her, I hope to inspire you, and hopefully, you’ll find the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your favorite work-from-home mom, dad, friend, partner, or co-worker!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee-drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra. So it’s a win for everyone! Please note that I won’t link any products I don’t believe in or don’t resonate with my blog site. Thank you!

Work from home gifts for friends: the complete list


1. Ring Light

Does she often make photos and/or videos for Instagram or TikTok, then a quality ring light is a great work from home gift for her! A ring light can significantly enhance the quality of your photos and videos, ensuring razor-sharp images and therefore a more professional result. This ring light consists of an extendable tripod (up to 50″) with a universal phone holder and LED lighting that you can adjust in 3 different colors!

Ring-Light Gifts for people who work from home
Ring Light – Work from home gifts

2. Photo Printer

Looking for a cool work-from-home gift for someone who needs to take pictures for work frequently? With the HP Sprocket Portable, you can print all your photos wirelessly from your smartphone in no time. You can even add effects and filters or apply stickers to your photos! The ideal gift idea for any photo lover!

Photo Printer
Work from home gifts – Photo Printer

3. Bamboo Charging Station Dock

Is her desk always messy because of all the different devices and cables she needs to charge on her office desk? With this charging station, your office desk looks a lot tidier in an instant. All your devices charging in one place without all those cables taking space on her desk. Can you come up with a better gift than this?

Bamboo Docking station for multiple devices
Work from home gifts – Bamboo Charging Station Dock

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

There is nothing more annoying than being distracted by all sorts of disturbing noises around you when you are working at home. Neighbors are always renovating precisely on the days you need to be able to really focus on your work the most. These noise-canceling headphones will help anyone who is working from home to stay focused all day long. Whatever the external circumstances may be. The perfect work-from-home gift if you ask me!

Soundcore by Anker Life - Gifts for people who work from home
Soundcore by Anker Life – Gifts for people who work from home

5. Mouse Pad with Wireless Phone Charger

It is not going to get any better than this; a mouse pad that wirelessly charges your phone as well. How more intertwined with your phone can you be? :)) It’s so ideal when you don’t have to separately charge your phone on a cable that’s also cluttering up your desk somewhere!

Mouse Pad Charger - Work from Home Gifts
Mouse Pad Charger – Work from Home Gifts

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6. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

One of the places that tend to get dusty so fast is your desk. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about. With this mini vacuum cleaner, you can quickly clean spots that are hard to clean, such as your keyboard and small corners on your desk. With this desktop vacuum cleaner, you can be ensured your desk will look a lot cleaner! Is there anyone who doesn’t need a desktop vacuum cleaner nowadays? This is really the perfect gift!

Desktop vacuum cleaner - Gifts for people who work from home
Work from home gifts – Desktop vacuum cleaner

Home Office Decor – Cool Desk Gifts

7. Wire Hanging Wall Grid

When you work from home on a daily basis, you naturally want to turn your home office into a nice and cozy workspace. With this wall grid, you can turn an empty wall into a wall design that matches your personal taste! You can attach cards, photos, and notes, and quotes to the grid with the wooden pegs that come with the grid, the possibilities are endless. And when you’re bored with the grid you created and want to look at something new, you just change and mix it up again!

Work from Home gifts – Wire Hanging Wall Grid

8. Motivation Calendar

Stay motivated and get empowered on a daily basis with this lovely motivation calendar to place on your desk. Start every day with an inspirational, positive quote. The perfect gift for women who are working on their girl boss business from home!

Motivational Calender for Girl Bosses
Work from home gifts – Motivational Calender for Girl Bosses

9. Motivational Desk Plant Set

This rose gold motivational desk plant set helps boss ladies to stay positive and motivated when they’re at work in their home office. The design is really stylish and the stickers with motivational quotes can be easily replaced by another quote when you feel like changing them. Rose gold is my absolute favorite home office decor color at the moment, and I know many other boss ladies love it too!

Rose Gold Home Office Plants
Rose Gold Home Office Plants

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Planners & Notebooks

10. Reusable Notebook

Love, love, love this product! You can use this notebook over and over again, because it’s wipeable. You write in it with a special marker, then you download the notes to your favorite cloud server, wipe it, and voila… you can use it again! This notebook contains 48 erasable dot grid sheets.

Reusable dot grid notebook – Work from home gifts

When you are working from the comfort of your own home, it’s even more important to have a structured and organized workflow. A weekly, daily or monthly desk planner can be a great help. Of course, you can also use a digital planner, like Trello or Clickup, but it can also be extremely handy to have a paper desk planner on your desk next to you so that all your goals and to-do’s for that day or week are always right there in plain sight!

11. Daily Desk Planner

Daily Desk Planner – Gifts Home Office

12. Weekly Desk Planner

Weekly Desk Planner

13. Magnetic Week Planner

Gifts Work From Home – Magnetic Week Planner

14. Monthly Desk Planner

Gifts Work From Home – Monthly Desk Planner

Surely the perfect gift for any entrepreneur/home worker to get more structure into her day is a quality planner. That’s why I listed a few of my favorite non-dated productivity, law of attraction, and work planners that you can use to track your habits, jot down your notes, write down your tasks, and ideas. These are all great gifts for almost any female entrepreneur who is working remotely!

15. Clever Fox Planner

Clever Fox Planner - Gifts for women who work remotely
Clever Fox Planner – Gifts for women who work remotely

16. Legend Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Legend Planner – Gifts for women who work remotely

17. Law of Attraction Planner

Law of Attraction Planner - Gifts for women who work from home
Law of Attraction Planner – Gifts for women who work from home

Mindset & Meditation

18. Home Zen Garden

This zen-garden looks stunning in every person’s home office and helps you to unwind and meditate during small breaks, so you can face the rest of the day with renewed energy and inspiration. The ideal gift for anyone who often experiences stress while working from home and who could use a few moments of reflection and meditation.

Home Office Zen Garden

19. Electric Foot Warmer

Het voordeel aan vanuit huis werken is dat je je werkplek zo comfortabel kunt inrichten als je zelf wil en daar hoort wat The advantage of working from home is that you can decorate your workplace as comfortably as you like and as far as I’m concerned this wonderful foot warmer should be part of your workspace at home!

Thuiswerk Cadeau – Voetenwarmer

20. The Universe has your Back – Card Deck

Get inspired and motivated at the home office with this beautiful card deck from Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is one of my personal favorites when it comes to growth mindset and business motivation and her card deck is so beautiful. A great gift for any home office!

The Universe has your back - Card Deck
The Universe has your back – Card Deck


21. Rose Gold Crystal Water Bottle

One of the things that we often forget to do when we work from home is to drink enough water. I always have to put in a lot of effort to drink enough liquids and it helps a lot to keep a filled water bottle next to you. And if you need to keep a bottle next to you every day, why not sure it looks nice as well and has crystals inside that are said to have a purifying effect as well!

Rose Gold Crystal Water Bottle

22. Medify Air Purifier

Did you know that poor air quality in your working environment can cause heavier breathing and loss of concentration? Therefore, clean air in your home is a must for every person who is working from home! And this Air Purifier will keep your air clean so you will be able to breathe and function perfectly.

Work from Home gifts – Air Purifier

Coffee & Tea Moment

23. Corkcirle Coffee Mug

Does your fav home office worker drink coffee or tea all day long? With this Corkcircle coffee mug her warm drinks will stay warm for up to 3 hours. Never drink a cold coffee or tea again!

Corkcircle Coffee Mug

24. Cactus Coasters Set

These are literally the cutest coffee and tea coasters I’ve ever seen! And you instantly have a nice office plant that doesn’t need any watering as well. A really great gift to give to any person who works from for Christmas or a birthday!

Cactus Coasters - Home Office Gifts
Cactus Coasters – Home Office Gifts

25. Coffee Mug Warmer

Does this sound familiar to you? You just made yourself a coffee or a tea, you get to work, you’re really focussed on your work for let’s say a few minutes, you want to take a sip of your warm drink… and then it’s ice-cold? This coffee mug solves this problem completely! Never a cold matcha, tea, or coffee again while you’re working from home.

Lemiyoo Coffee Mug Warmer

Tidying & organizing

26. Desktop Organizer

Is the desk of the work-from-home worker you’re searching a gift for always a bit messy? Then a desktop organizer is a perfect present for her! All her pens, memos, notebooks, sticky tape and staplers will always be neatly organized from now on!

Work from home gifts – Desktop Organizer

27. Laptop Desk

Another great gift for people who work from home; a laptop desk to put on your lap when you want to do your work from the couch or bed for a change. It includes a space for your mouse and for your phone. Perfect for everyone who wants to switch places every now and then and who likes to change it up a bit.

Laptop Desk for Home Offices
Laptop Desk for Home Offices

28. Bagsmart Laptop Bag

People who work from home also like to change their workspace every now and then, and to do so you need a practical laptop bag that comes with a gorgeous design as well. The Smartbag is my personal favorite in the area of laptop bags, and it’s made of great quality material.

Smartbag Laptop Bag

29. Laptop Backpack Herschel

Oh, how I love this brand! The laptop backpacks made by Herschel are absolutely perfect to pack your laptop in. I own a Herschel backpack in mint green myself, but this newer version of my backpack in pink looks so pretty too! And their backpacks are of really good quality, I can promise you that!

Laptop backpack Herschel – Gifts for people who work from home


30. Neck & Shoulder Massager

I know very few people working from home who don’t have back, shoulder, or neck problems, so this is always an ideal gift for almost anyone who works from home. This massager can be used on 3 intensity settings, it has a heat function and gives an automatic massage of 15 minutes!

Neck and shoulder masssager

31. Blue light Blocking Glasses

These glasses are the solution for anyone who spends a long time sitting in front of a computer. These glasses neutralize blue light and reduce headaches, eye strain and concentration problem. They also improve the quality of sleep.

Blue Light Glasses – Gifts for People who Work from Home

32. Office Foot Rest for Under Desk

This adjustable foot rest helps you to create a better posture while working at home and improve blood circulation. I also have a foot rest and it helps me enormously to sit more comfortably while working. This footrest is a great gift for everyone who works long hours behind the laptop too!

Foot Rest for under Desk

33. Ergonomische Laptop Standard

Another product that has been such a huge help to me this adjustable ergonomic laptop standard. This standard has entirely resolved my neck pain, so I really recommend this product to every home worker. With this, you ensure a healthier work posture and you can use the laptop stand in different ways. It is adjustable from 2.1″ to 13.8″ and you can also adjust the angle to your liking.

Ergonomic Laptop Standard

34. Ergonomic Office Chair

If you are on a larger budget and the person you are searching a gift for is in desperate need of a better office chair, then go for an ergonomic office chair! Actually, EVERY work-at-home professional needs a chair that serves the body well. Yet, there are still a lot of professionals who work at the dinner table. A decent office chair is prio number 1 for every person who works from home!

Ergonomic Office Chair for Her

35. Wired Ergonomic Mouse

Yet another product that should not be missing on the desk of any person who is working from home. This ergonomic mouse has reduced all the symptoms I had in my wrist and hand to 0! I am so grateful for this amazing invention. Really kudos to the person who came up with this! I have deliberately chosen a mouse that is not wireless because I have experienced myself how annoying (and not sustainable) it is to have to replace the battery all the time.

Wired Ergonomic Mouse

36. Ergonomic Mouse Pad Loftmat

This cushioned mouse pad prevents wrist overload and therefore it makes working behind a laptop much more comfortable. I use a mouse mat with raised wrist support pillow, but this mouse pad is newer and has been tested as safer than the one with the raised wrist support. Definitely a useful gift to give to someone who needs to make a lot of mouse movements.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad Loftmat

37. Pilates Yoga Ball

It may feel like you’re reading a gift guide for the elderly with all the ergonomically designed products in it, but these products are making our lives so much easier and comfortable! That’s why the last product on this list is this ergonomic home office pilates ball. When you use this ball your posture will automatically shift to a more active and healthy position. Alternating between this ball and a normal office chair can help reduce or even prevent back pain.

Pilates Yoga Ball for the Home Office

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to find the perfect gift for someone who works from home and maybe you’ve even found the perfect gift for the holidays or a birthday in this list! Which gift is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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