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14 High demand blog niche ideas

What topic should you blog about?

So, you want to start a blog and drive tons of traffic?

But, what should you blog about?

What are some of the most profitable niches?

Deciding on your blog niche can be a daunting task for a beginner. Anyone who is willing to start a blog will go through these thoughts.

In fact, one of the most common reasons why blogs fail is that they chose to go with the wrong niche.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is the topic of your blog. It is the specialized area that you will be focusing on while writing content for your readers. For example, a food niche blogger will only write about food-related topics, whereas a travel blogger will focus on travel tips and other related ideas.


Your interest + What people search about= A successful blog niche.

Why do you need a blog niche?

Many of you may ask, what is the need for a particular blog niche?

Why can I not write about different topics on one blog?

Well, in order to build an audience, it is better to stick to a specific niche and build your credibility. By merging all of the topics together, it will become difficult to keep your blog updated.

A blog is not just about writing content. It is more about promoting, brainstorming, and interacting with others in the same field. So, while handling them together, it becomes a hectic task to deal with all topics. As a result of which, you might lose your audience.

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The best blog niche ideas:

Here are some of the most popular and profitable blog niche ideas. Also, have a look at the subcategories that you can divide your blog into.


The finance niche deals with all categories of making and saving money. It is a highly competitive niche. Be it a teenager, working person, or retired individual, everyone wants to be financially savvy and independent.

You don’t necessarily need to be a certified financial adviser to start your blog. You just need to be well organized on your own finances. If you have paid off huge chunks of debt, you can write about it as well.

1. Saving Money

2. Frugal Living

3, Investing

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Side Hustle ideas

6. Creating a budget

7. Pay off debt

8. Financial independence


Blogging is a highly searched topic. Most people start a blog to make money online. Eventually, they write about their blogging journey, blog income reports, or the pros and cons of blogging.

9. How to start a blog

10. Best hosting companies to choose

11. How to make money blogging

12. How to promote your blog

13. WordPress themes for blog


It is the most popular blog niche out there. If you don’t want to stick to a particular topic, then it is best to start a lifestyle blog. Here, bloggers write about their daily lives which include:

14. Home and Interior design

15. DIY

16. Gardening

17. Productivity hacks

18. Gift guides, motivational quotes, a day in your life, and so on.


19. Dating advice

20. Relationship counseling

21. Wedding planner

22. Moving together

23. Valentine’s day and Prom

Health and Fitness

24. Losing weight

25. Foods that are good for weight loss

26. Meditation

27. Yoga

28. Inspirational stories of men and women who lost weight

29. Staying fit during lockdown

30. Hiking

31. Cycling


32. Dog grooming

33. Pet health

34. Dog food

35. Dog training tips

36. Dog sitting and dog walking

Beauty and Fashion

37. Make essentials

38. Your favorite beauty products

39. Skincare products

40. Your skincare routine

41. Outfit ideas

42. Latest fashion trends

43. Haircare, hairstyle, and hair color

44. Nail art

45. Self-care


46. Travel essentials

47. Cheap places to travel

48. Tourist guide

49. Plan your trip on a budget


Do you love spending your weekend binge-watching on Netflix? You can share honest movie reviews on your blog. People will consider your rating and decide whether to watch the movie or not.

50. Celebrity news

51. Movie reviews

52. Song reviews

53. Web series


Do you own a successful business? Are you an entrepreneur? Teach people how to become one.

54. How to build a startup from scratch

55. Your entrepreneurship journey

56. How to create a successful freelancing business

Digital Marketing

If you have a strong background in digital marketing or have experience in handling social media pages, then you can earn money by providing knowledge on this topic.

57. Building a following on Instagram

58. Pinterest Marketing

59. Facebook ad manager

60. Become an Instagram celebrity

61. Email marketing

62. Social Media Marketing

So, there you go!


If you are obsessed with food, love eating at local restaurants, and also love to try different recipes at home, then you should become a food blogger. Share reviews of restaurants and suggest to people the best places to eat out!

63. Different cuisines

64. Baking

65. Recipes

66. Kitchen essentials

67. Meal planning

College Life, Career and Education

Career and educational blogs are helpful for all students. If you love teaching, you can start a blog on this topic.

68. Dorm room organization

69. Study tips

70. Graduation party ideas

71. Choosing the right career

72. Scholarship


If you are new to motherhood and want to earn money as a stay-at-home mom, a parenting blog would be great for you to get started.

73. Pregnancy

74. Babycare

75. Mom life

76. Childcare

The Bottom Line

When you are finally done selecting the niche for your blog, it is now time to start your blog right away.
Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time online, and hence, it is the right time to grow your blog. The above-mentioned blog niches are most popular and will remain profitable for years to come.

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  1. Finance and budgeting will always be popular niches I think!!

    It’s good to be able to have some different niche options out there for those wanting to start new blogs or branch out x

  2. Awesome ideas! I think blogging now is getting more attention as tons compare to before. before, they thought it’s dying. Thank you for sharing!

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