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Why I switchted to BigScoots’ WordPress hosting

In an ocean full of hosting providers, it is really not an easy task to choose the right hosting provider for your website. Reading reviews can help you make the right choice and that is why I would like to share my own personal and – above all – honest experience with BigScoots hosting with you.

In this blog post you’ll learn:

  • Why I made the decision to switch to BigScoots;
  • BigScoots pros and cons;
  • The costs;
  • Alternative hosting providers I recommend, if BigScoots isn’t what you’re looking for.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee-drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra. So it’s a win for everyone! Please note that I won’t link any products I don’t believe in or don’t resonate with my blog site. Thank you!

Why I wanted to switch hosting providers

Prior to the switch, She Can Blog was hosted by Namecheap. A hosting provider I have been very satisfied with and which was – as the price already suggests – cheap. Meanwhile, She Can Blog started to grow and became a more professional website. I knew I needed a better hosting provider to fit my needs in order to continue to grow my website.

As a member of English Facebook groups for bloggers, I often read along with the advice shared there by some of the best bloggers in the world. Oftentimes I have been following threads about which hosting provider to choose, and so many bloggers had the best experiences with BigScoots hosting. They all say BigScoots hosting is top-notch, and is recommended to all beginning bloggers there.

They’re all saying; if you’re a beginning blogger, or if you want to switch hosting providers, BigScoots is well worth it!

Now of course I’m not stupid. I myself, of course, also make money as an affiliate partner of various affiliate programs, so the danger of a product being promoted for the sake of the commissions that can be earned from it is, of course, high. That was also one of the reasons why it took me months to make the switch to BigScoots myself. I thought it was just a bunch of bloggers promoting something for the sake of earning a good commission.

Yet the messages from bloggers who were very positive about BigScoots’ WordPress hosting kept pouring in. It made me curious about this hosting provider, so that was the reason for me to explore the possibilities of making the move to BigScoots and finally making the switch.

Long story short: I really love BigScoots. Let me explain why!

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What I like about BigScoots

Assistance with migration

BigScoots has helped me with several things. For one, I also changed my domain name from she-can-blog.com to shecanblog.com. Something I wanted to do for a very long time, but in which the actual step seemed way too risky. After all, changing your domain name also means risking losing your current rankings in Google and I obviously didn’t want to lose that.

After reading about multiple experiences of other bloggers who changed their domain names with the help of BigScoots, I was convinced. Everyone was super positive about the way BigScoots handled it, and about the final result. Apparently, they are doing something right here! 

This is what BigScoots did for She Can Blog:

  • Moved my website to their hosting
  • Changed my domain name from she-can-blog.com to shecanblog.com
  • Moved my mailbox to a new mail address

And it was all done within a day! They work super fast and all I had to do is register a ticket for which I had to answer some questions. That’s it! They handled the rest without any problems. 

It’s only been one and half a month, but my Google rankings are back to where they were and my DA is already at 24 as well. (FYI: my old DA was 13)

Fast customer support

When you submit a ticket to BigScoots’ customer support, your question is almost always answered within a few hours. The customer support desk is always super friendly and very professional. 

For me, great customer support is incredibly important. It is so nice to be able to ask questions and to know that your question will be answered quickly and professionally. As a website owner, there are moments when everything seems to go wrong, and then you’re happy to be able to get in contact with great customer support that literally saves your day.


One of BigScoots’ biggest pros is the fact that your sites load super fast with BigScoots’ hosting. And fast loading times are becoming an increasingly important aspect of a successful website to rank well in Google. 

I am not saying that this is not the case with other hosting providers, but if you go for a cheaper hosting provider there is a much bigger chance that your loading times will be less than satisfactory. Fine for a hobby blog, but if you plan to earn an income with your blog then I do recommend you to choose a good hosting provider that gives high priority to the performance of your website. 

Now these are the results that bring a smile to my face. 🙂

Option to pay on a monthly basis

Another thing that is great about BigScoots, unlike many other WordPress hosting providers, is the fact that they offer monthly subscriptions. Most hosting providers only offer subscription plans that require a yearly or two yearly payment.

The cons

The price!

Ok, it’s not really a disadvantage, because you really do get a lot in return, but of course, it’s not the cheapest WordPress hosting provider. It’s just the only reason that can be a downside for beginning bloggers who can’t afford to make too many costs for their blogs, just yet.

Hosting prices at BigScoots

The Starter Package costs $ 34.95 monthly. The following is included:

  • 1 installation
  • Up to 250,000 monthly visitors
  • 10 GB SSD storage: This is the disk space for your website and for beginners this is more than enough. Also read this blog by Kinsta if you want to know more about the required disk space for a website here. 
  • Free SSL Certificates: An SSL certificate ensures that your website makes an encrypted connection when someone visits your website. This makes your website less susceptible to hackers. When a website does not have an SSL certificate, you will get a message that the website is not safe to visit. An important item and also nice that it is included in the price. 
  • Free mail
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): A CDN allows your website to load much faster.
  • Free backups: This is so extremely important. When you choose a cheap hosting provider, you will also often see that backups are not included and that you have to upgrade or install a separate plugin to be able to create backups of your website. Both options, I really don’t recommend. Let your hosting provider handle this task for you, so you don’t have anything to worry about. t is best if your hosting provider does this for you and you don’t have to worry about it. Sites still get hacked regularly and with a backup you know for sure that you can put all your blogs back immediately. 
  • Website staging: With the staging option you can work on your website’s design, and first, check what it’ll look like and if it didn’t break down your website’s design before you publish it. You can change anything on your website and you don’t have to publish it until you have tested it extensively. 

Alternatives to BigScoots

If you still feel after reading this article that BigScoots isn’t for you, I’ll share a few good alternatives instead.

First of all, there are a couple of hosting providers that I would recommend against, namely SiteGround and BlueHost. SiteGround has had a lot of problems in the past year, causing many websites to lose a lot of traffic over a period of time, and BlueHost is known for being largely promoted by bloggers who want to earn affiliate commissions.

I’m not saying there’s something wrong with earning with affiliate marketing, on the contrary. I also earn part of my income from affiliate commissions. That’s ultimately the whole purpose of many blogs, and that’s completely fine. But there’s a difference between promoting any product for the sake of earning commissions or because you sincerely recommend this product. I’ve heard about many bad experiences with BlueHost, yet it is still promoted by so many bloggers because the commissions are high.


A similar alternative to BigScoots is Kinsta. At the time of writing, you get the 1st two months of WordPress hosting free with an annual payment!

What to expect from Kinsta:

  • Easy up- and downgrading
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • Flexible Packages


Hostinger is also a hosting provider that I know many bloggers are very satisfied with. In addition, they are also super cheap! You can already purchase an acceptable package of WordPress hosting here from € 3.99 per month. 

What to expect from Hostinger:

  • Blazing fast performance
  • All-inclusive WordPress hosting
  • 24/7 support
  • Good security measures


This is my old hosting provider. I have only had positive experiences with them. Sometimes I found Namecheap a bit complicated to work with because you have to figure out a lot yourself and it can get quite technical. Also, the performance could be much better, but if you are looking for a cheap provider, they are really ok.

I know that many beginning bloggers choose free hosting for budget considerations. But the possibilities are so limited with free hosting that I would always at least recommend you to choose a very cheap hosting provider like Namecheap where you can host your website for just a few dollars a month. 

Prijs: vanaf $ 24,88 per jaar / $ 4,88 per maand

Build your website with Namecheap!

What you buy cheap, sometimes costs more

By the way, should you be wondering why some hosting providers are so cheap, you should know that the price is often a starting price. They earn from all the extra purchases you have to make in order to make your website perform even better and to be able to use more features, storage space, etc. 

In addition, there are often some snags in the fine print on what is promised, and that promised unlimited bandwidth is in fact not so unlimited. Also in the world of WordPress hosting, cheap hosting will cost you more in the long run. Therefore, inform yourself well and adjust your purchase to your needs. 

Final Thoughts

Even though I have only been with BigScoots for 1.5 months, I can already say that I am extremely satisfied with them. It is a bit on the expensive side, but for those who want to create a professional blog, it is certainly not an excessive luxury.

When it comes to my choice, I have relied heavily on the experience of other bloggers that I have followed for quite some time and much less on the specifications. In reality, some hosting providers are still quite disappointing or start out cheap in the first year, after which you can end up paying top dollar when your contract expires. 

I feel good about my choice so far, and I hope it’ll give my website the chance to flourish further in the time to come. 

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