How to Discover Keywords on Pinterest: 7 Clever Techniques

Pinterest is a powerful search engine for visual content that is utilized by millions of users worldwide. It’s an excellent platform for finding inspiration across various projects, ranging from fashion and beauty to interior design and travel.

As a blogger or entrepreneur on Pinterest, your goal is to make your content easily discoverable to users. To achieve this, it’s crucial to optimize your profile and content by strategically incorporating Pinterest-specific keywords in the right places.

The right Pinterest keywords in the right places

In one of my blog posts about setting up a business Pinterest account, I’ve provided insights on where to utilize keywords within your profile. Additionally, in another article focused on optimizing Pinterest boards, I’ve covered techniques on how to incorporate these keywords into all of your boards.

But what exactly are Pinterest keywords, and how can you find the most relevant ones for your blog or business?

In this article, we will share five strategies to help you discover the best keywords on Pinterest.

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So, what are Pinterest keywords?

Pinterest keywords refer to the specific words or phrases people use when searching for content on the platform. These keywords play a pivotal role in ensuring that your Pinterest content is visible to users looking for specific information.

As a Pinterest marketer, it’s essential to strategically include these keywords in the following areas:

  • Your profile description;
  • Board names;
  • Board descriptions;
  • Pin titles;
  • Pin descriptions.

By incorporating these keywords effectively, Pinterest gains a better understanding of the theme of your pins, enabling them to display your content appropriately in search results.

Pro Tip: Maintain a keyword list

Before you embark on your keyword search, I highly recommend creating a new Excel file where you can diligently record all the search terms you come across. You can organize them by category or blog post title, making it a breeze to filter through and select the ideal keywords whenever you need them.

Discover 7 Strategies to Find Relevant Keywords for Your Niche

Strategy 1: Harness the Power of Pin Inspector

If you’re seeking relevant keywords for your niche, Pin Inspector is an invaluable tool. It uncovers related keywords utilized by Pinterest users.

This enables you to find keywords that perfectly align with your niche and incorporate them into your keyword research. Moreover, you gain insights into the most popular pins within your niche, giving you a glimpse into your audience’s interests and helping you craft compelling content.

With Pin Inspector, you possess a convenient resource to elevate your keyword research.

The best part? You only need to make a one-time payment and enjoy unlimited access thereafter. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Strategy 2: Leverage Pinterest Autosuggestions

Uncover actively searched keywords by simply typing relevant terms into the Pinterest search bar. As you begin typing, autosuggestions will populate.

These autosuggestions represent commonly searched terms by Pinterest users. Save as many relevant keywords as possible, focusing on discovering “long-tail keywords” that consist of multiple words.

Strategy 3: Discover Related Searches on Pinterest

When you enter a search query and scroll down a few times, you’ll often come across a section that shows related searches.

This section contains a wealth of consistently interesting keywords that you can add to your list.

Strategy 4: Leverage the Power of ChatGPT

One of my top methods for uncovering new Pinterest keywords is by seeking assistance from ChatGPT.

Simply input the following prompt: “Provide me with a list of 100 Pinterest-specific long-tail keywords that I can target on Pinterest in [insert your niche].”

In my article about utilizing ChatGPT for Pinterest, you’ll find more valuable prompts to enhance your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Strategy 5: Explore with Hashtags

Hashtags have made a strong comeback on Pinterest in 2023! This means you can discover pins by typing a hashtag in the search bar. Pins that have utilized that hashtag will appear in the search results.

So, alongside your list of keywords, explore relevant hashtags to enrich your pin descriptions.

Strategy 6: Follow Pinterest Trends

Another ingenious approach to uncovering relevant keywords is by utilizing the Pinterest Popular tool. You can access it by clicking on “Analytics” at the top and selecting “Popular.”

Here, you’ll uncover the current trends on Pinterest. You can also explore trends by creatively utilizing terms in the search bar.

You’ll discover related trends that might be applicable to your niche. Plus, you can observe the trend’s progression over a specific period and compare different trends by clicking on them.

You’ll discover related trends that might be applicable to your niche. Plus, you can observe the trend’s progression over a specific period and compare different trends by clicking on them.

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Strategy 7: Analyze Your Competitors

Another effective approach for discovering keywords is to examine what your competitors are doing. Take note of the following aspects:

  • What keywords do they use in their pin descriptions?
  • How do they present themselves in their profile description?
  • How do they present themselves in their profile description?

Now, let me be clear: I’m not suggesting that you should simply copy your competitors. Absolutely not. However, conducting a thorough analysis can offer you valuable insights and inspiration for enhancing your own profile. The competitors you find in the search results are evidently doing something right, and there’s much to learn from their strategies.


Discovering the right keywords on Pinterest is vital to ensure that your content reaches the intended audience.

By researching popular trends, utilizing Pinterest’s keyword tools, analyzing your competitors, incorporating long-tail keywords, and testing and measuring your keyword performance, you can effectively present your Pinterest content to your target audience.

Remember to regularly update and optimize your keywords to maintain the relevance and continuous growth of your Pinterest account.