5 Best Apps For Creating Branding And Marketing Materials

Whether you’re launching a small business for the very first time, or you’re the manager of a large international company, branding and marketing are two very essential components of your business operations. 

The problem, however, is that many business owners and managers don’t know how to take care of their marketing and branding on their own. 

This often leads to a lack of branding or marketing strategies, which can leave a brand to stagnate with countless other failed businesses from the past or in thousands of dollars being spent on outsourcing work to strangers when you can efficiently perform all of the work in-house. 

Below, we thought it’d be a good idea to create a short list of some of the most useful and practical apps you can use for creating your branding materials and marketing them to the wide world of business! 

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Canva is easily one of the most renowned graphic design tools currently available on the internet. 

With Canva, virtually anyone can create stunning, eye-catching graphics, including social media posts, infographics, logos, posters, visual presentations, documents, business branding and more! 

But the best part is that Canva is completely free to try and use. 

There are specific tools and features that you’ll need to upgrade to use. But for the most part, the free version of the app will give you access to everything you might need it for.

As I use Canva Pro on a daily basis and love, love, love working with it, I dedicated a full review on it. In this review, you’ll learn all about the differences between Canva Free and Canva Pro and how I use Canva Pro as a blogger and content creator.

Interested in reading the review? Click here for my honest Canva Pro review!

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

If you are more skilled with graphic design software, you can also work with tools for real professionals, such as Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. These programs are ideal for creating a stunning brand identity.

Tools like Canva are great to get started with, but you can accomplish much more with all the Adobe programs. And yes, Adobe is a little costly, but the good news is that they offer a free trial as well. On YouTube you’ll find all the tutorials you need so you’ll be able to create your own gorgeous branding absolutely for free!

So if you don’t mind investing some of your time in learning how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator, I’d really recommend you create all your brand’s designs with the help of Adobe!

Adobe Color CC

When it comes to successfully branding your business, brand colors are often an overlooked aspect of your success. 

In fact, choosing and using only your specific brand color scheme in your marketing materials is essential. It helps make your materials more memorable in the eyes of consumers and potential customers. 

Formerly known as Adobe Kuler, Adobe Color is a fun, easy-to-use app by the reputable company, Adobe. 

With Adobe Color, you can easily create your color schemes and palettes, which can be shared with co-workers and employees or synched to your other Adobe apps, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. 

Apple Clips

Today, video marketing is one of the absolute best and most effective ways for connecting with your audience. 

In other words, successful brands need to be creating videos and sharing them to reach as broad an audience as possible. 

Apple Clips is the perfect free app to help you do this! 

It is a free mobile video editing tool launched by Apple Inc. in 2017, which can create and share fun, engaging videos using text, graphics, visual effects, and more! 

Google Fonts

Similar to using your brand colors, the fonts you use can also help your brand stick in the minds of those you interact with. 

Google Fonts is the perfect app for helping you choose fun, memorable fonts that you can use time and time again! 

This app offers access to a built-in library of more than 1000+ fonts, an easy-to-use web directory for browsing the library, and you can use it in more than 135 languages! 

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Lastly, to be successful in today’s digital landscape, your brand is going to need a lot of images, videos, and music. 

In other words, Pixabay is the perfect tool to add to your collection! 

With Pixabay, you’ll have access to a massive community of shared copyright-free graphics, videos, and more, which have been released under the Pixabay License. 

This means that you’ll be able to freely use any images, videos, graphics, or music commercially without asking for permission! 

Branding Your Marketing Materials

To make sure your brand remains competitive in today’s digital landscape, you must use all the tools you have at your disposal! 

This list offers some of the best and most useful apps for creating stunning imagery that can be used as your marketing materials, ensuring the success of your overall marketing campaigns and goals! 


  • Angie is a blogger and creative entrepreneur from the Netherlands who is currently residing as a digital nomad in Serbia together with her husband and 2-year old daughter Ana Milena. She is the creator of She Can Blog and works as a Pinterest manager for several Dutch companies.