Check Your Fruit!

14361441_10207303657973731_5800048426670530859_oI jotted this in my notebook about 10 months ago. I am compelled to share today.

My father lived to work! All his life he has. And he is hurt, and broken, and saddened that he is no longer physically able. And I continue to watch this generation of “entitled-ers” sit back and EXPECT to live with their parents, so that THEY can continue to take care of their able-bodied selves. OR expect the government to continue to HANDICAP them with the BARE NECESSITIES. OR there are even the ones that feel like “dammit, I want, so I’m just gonna take it” from someone else. It’s so frustrating.

But, we can’t just blame them. We have to blame us too. What are we doing, or not doing differently than what our parents did? My God, I know it’s easy to blame social media, the internet, blah, blah, blah; the world is different, it’s a new generation…I GET IT!

Here’s the thing though folks, THE MESSAGE DIDN’T CHANGE! Let’s change the method, let’s get on their level, let’s understand where they are coming from, BUT DON’T STOP PARENTING! You can not tell me that, that’s not what has happened.

This microwave generation man…everybody wants it NOW. Your half-grown children expect to live like they did at their parents’ house…have what they have (furniture, food, cars). The parents wanting what the Jones’ got going on in their house not knowing that they worked and saved all their young-adult life to obtain it. Seriously, are instant potatoes better than homemade? If you think so, you probably have never had any, and oodles n’ noodles are a delicacy.

Bottom line…

The reward is so much greater, when you’ve done the work yourself. When you’ve earned your keep. When you can say “I did that!”

Parents: Check your fruit. Your children are a reflection of you.


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